Truth Matters

Trusts ,Societies and not-for-profit- what you need to know if you are on a committee.

Good governance depends on quality input from all those elected on to the board or committee but all to often those who are elected feel out of their depth and powerless.

The executive of society and trustees of a trust have their own responsibility and obligations , learn who they are to and what they can and cannot do.

Many societies and trusts fall into the trap of letting one or two persons take control and the rest of the committee become followers who can be led down any path, such a path is frequently not healthy for the objects of the trust or society.

Knowledge is power; learn what the various structures are, where to find the rules, how to meetings should be conducted, what your organisation can or can’t do, what to look for and how to deal with issues which arise.

We can deliver this course or any of our courses to any number of people either as a hands on workshop or  at conferences and seminars.


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