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Fraud awareness in business

Fraud is the dirty word in business; it is so dirty that many prefer to believe that it does not occur. But it is a word that is seen almost daily in our newspapers.

Fraud is fueled by need or greed and surprisingly unless it is large you will not be able to find an enforcement agency to deal with it as fraud is seen as a civil matter. It can occur at any interface between your business and a second party, employee, creditor, customer, provider, investor, etc.

Fraud grows disproportionately when it is ignored.

By becoming fraud aware you will take the first step to limiting your exposure to it and by putting processes and system in place fraud will be easier to detect in the early stages and large losses can be prevented.

We provide courses for your
• HR department for recruiting- even if you use a recruitment agent.
• Accounts payable and receivable
• Purchasing
• Managers and supervisors
• Directors and share holders.

You will learn how fraudsters think and operate, and how to catch them out.

Learn how to verify  , verification is the  single most effective tool against fraud

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