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DIY screening  or investigations  Be your own detective .

Verisure can provide you with  screening  services for  tenants, employees  , partnerships  credit or any other reason    or  we can  teach you  how to  do the screening yourself.

Of course you wont have access to all the resources we have  but we can  introduce you to  public resources which in some instances can be sufficient.

We run workshops on  a  as demanded basis   and in small groups.  If you would like to    attend one of these workshops  please    express your interest   by contacting us or  leaving a note  in the reply box below.

Please specify which  course you would  like to be part of.

How to conduct a pre employment screen

John Davies and Marianne Thompson are two names which will not be forgotten for awhile. Both professed to have qualifications which they did not have.

They are not alone. Many CV’s are padded, enhanced while others are total fabrications.

When you do business in the real world you want to be able to assess your applicants on verified data. So how do you ensure that it is accurate? How can you effectively sift through the documents sorting fact from fiction?

Verisure has been conducting per-employment screens for the past 6 years and lists large financial institutions amongst its clients. The system which will be shared with you is simple and effective.

Learn what can and can’t be done for pre employment screening, and the restriction of legislation as to when and how a pre employment screen can be conducted.

Before you lose your money- how to avoid scams.

Every day we make decisions , the decisions we make are based on what we believe to be true. We make decisions on fiction and the outcome may not be bright .

There are many tactics deployed by persons to persuade people into a direction which is desirable for them and not for you .

How do you know if you are being manipulated ?
How can you discern fact from fiction?
What are the tools of deceit ?
How can you put a true perspective on the matter?

By becoming aware of the tactics commonly used , you can identify scams before you lose your money .

Learn how to make decisions based on fact not on fiction.

This is a must for anyone who is contemplating joining any investment scheme, signing up for any direct marketing plan or attending any seminar which encourages financial participation.
Trusts Societies and not-for-profit- what you need to know if you are on a committee.

Good governance depends on quality input from all those elected on to the board or committee but al to often those who are elected feel out of their depth and powerless.

The executive of society and trustees of a trust have their own responsibility and obligations , learn who they are to and what they can and cannot do.

Many societies and trusts fall into the trap of letting one or two persons take control and the rest of the committee become followers who can be led down any path, such a path is frequently not healthy for the objects of the trust or society.

Knowledge is power; learn what the various structures are, where to find the rules, how to meetings should be conducted, what your organisation can or can’t do, what to look for and how to deal with issues which arise.

Fraud awareness in business

Fraud is the dirty word in business; it is so dirty that many prefer to believe that it does not occur. But it is a word that is seen almost daily in our newspapers.


Fraud is fuelled by need or greed and surprisingly unless it is large you will not be able to find an enforcement agency to deal with it as fraud is seen as a civil matter. It can occur at any interface between your business and a second party, employee, creditor, customer, provider, investor, etc.

Fraud grows disproportionately when it is ignored.

By becoming fraud aware you will take the first step to limiting your exposure to it and by putting processes and system in place fraud will be easier to detect in the early stages and large losses can be prevented.

We provide courses for your
• HR department for recruiting- even if you use a recruitment agent.
• Accounts payable and receivable
• Purchasing
• Managers and supervisors
• Directors and share holders.

You will learn how fraudsters think and operate, and how to catch them out.

Investigation for Business

When things  go wrong and investigations are called for   – what do you do?

  • Learn the principles  of investigation
  • how to   gather and preserve evidence   so that  it is admissible should you require it for any legal process.
  • Interviewing techniques
  • information gathering
  • how to interpret   evidence.

This course is  especially suited for managers and HR professionals

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