Truth Matters

Many New Zealanders are waking up to the fact that we are not immune to corruption.

The time to realise this  is not when you have  suffered at the  hands of corruption  but   at a time  when you are going to make a vital  decision.

Many frauds and  scams are preventable   it is  about   doing   your homework  before you commit to a venture .

Grace Haden was a licensed Private Investigator  working at the coal  face of fraud and corruption in New Zealand, she served in the New Zealand police  for 15 years her service included   frontline work   CIB  and  finally  as  a Prosecution  Sergeant  . Her work with corruption saw her  vexatiously labeled a conspiracy theorist as new Zealand  is allegedly  corruption free.

She left the police  to  raise her family and in 2004 set up her company  VeriSure Investigations Ltd which  derives  its name from  the roman goddess  of truth  Veritas.

While  conducting a Pro bono Job she  stumbled on  to a fictional  law enforcement authority , In bringing this matter to the attention of the  council involved and  MAF, Grace was sued by the perpetrator , the court was misled  and she suffered a gross miscarriage of justice .

Through the 11 years of experience in court  Grace has learned the dirty tactics which lawyers  use  and   seen the 12th century  legal tactics  at play tactics which  worked pre  internet days  but now are exposed

There are three arms to her company  are
1.  Prevention – consultation, training,

2.  Detection – we help you get the evidence/ information you need to enable you to make decisions. You do the work we give you guidance .

3. Resolution –solvency is the primary importance. Lawyers and court is not the only option we help you to consider, evaluate and implement alternative resolution processes we provide you  with options  which are economical and common sense .

Grace  speaks  on a number of corruption and fraud related topics   and  while  the subject is very serious  her presentations  are very much on the lighter side.

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