Truth Matters


Some businesses just don’t grow  like others and  the  reason are not immediately obvious .

The Directors/ managers appear to be  doing all the right things  but  the  dollar return  just simply  isn’t there or growth.

The stunted growth of this business may be due to any one of many factors

1. Employee Theft

Companies spend Hundreds and thousands of dollars on anti shoplifting devices  but  they do not screen  employees.

Employees  are not limited  to  taking  items   there are many ways in which  loss occurs  and by being aware of the  various ways that employees  contribute to shrinkage  will give an insight to  the requirements for procedures and policies to  close the gaps.

No one can be proactive against a loss if they are not aware of how a loss is occurring.

2. Theft by others

Shoplifters e.g.  are creative and there are many ways in which goods are taken

3. Administration Errors

Lack of competence, procedures and training  giving rise to ” simple” but costly mistakes which all impact on the  bottom line.


4. Vendor Fraud

Who are  the  vendors, what processes  do you have in place to check them out and ensure that they are delivering what they claim.


Verisure can help

The good news is that there are solutions  but there is not one solution that fits all and that is why we can  help you identify your specific issues and formulate a loss prevention plan which will  work for you.

Prevention is by far the cheapest option  as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff  can some times be a hearse.

The only solution  Verify  everything

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