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Once upon a time  Marriage was an institution  which you entered into because you  loved one another.

Times  have changed  and  there are now many reasons  why  people get  married , some times only one partner is aware of the real reason and it usually has something to do with  Money or residency.

We have actually had clients who have discovered that  their partner was not who they said they were .

Find out the facts  before you commit . Verification through a Private investigator  provides peace of mind.

This video link below is Canadian but exactly the same  thing occurs here in New Zealand  being aware is the first step to  not being  defrauded.

Marriage Fraud News Special

New Zealand  men  and women have been targeted for marriage  so that  a person can become a  citizen , some times  it is only  to qualify for  a student loan  or educational privileges.

Yet others  find that   three years  of marriage and half the assets  are mutually  those of both  parties  is enough to prompt  gold  diggers.


Limited partnerships, directorships  , shareholding

Marriage is not the only partnership people enter into    we have many   sad stories of  business  partnerships which have gone wrong and have been expensive to   get out of. Before entering into  any relationship  check out the facts

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