Truth Matters

Are you a Litigator  or have you come face to face with one?

Have  you thought of having some support from outside the legal fraternity?

Lawyers don’t always get it  right  . Often they do not have all the evidence  in front of them  and are simply dealing with what you have provided the   with.

For every hour  you pay a lawyer  you can employ a  Private investigator   for at least  3 hours  ( based on  $500 per hour lawyer fees )

At Verisure  we have both criminal   and civil investigation experience  and  in depth knowledge of how the court  functions.

If you have had a  statement of  claim, statutory declaration property law notice or  similar served on you, don’t delay  call us first   we will help you get  the  information you need  to  fully instruct your lawyer and collate it so that it will  save you $$$

Employment tribunal

Do you have a work related issue   have you been asked to come in for a meeting  , don’t be  bullied  go in armed with the  facts  and a support person who  is able to represent you factually

Disputes tribunal ,

Need help putting your disputes tribunal matter together  , it helps to have  your case presented  in a professional manner. let us  get the facts  together for you and put it together to give you the edge .

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