Truth Matters

The business looked good on paper

But what are the facts

who checked to see if there were security interests outstanding  and  why  the last person left.

there are franchises  which have been sold over and over as new  when in reality they are  failures

How will you find out  and will you find out  when it is too late?

Frequently  the bit that is overlooked is the bit  that the accountant thinks the  lawyer does  and vice versa .

Due diligence is not just about  words and  figures  it is about facts.
Verisure has experience in business and franchise due  diligence and can uncover  factors which should be taken into consideration prior to purchase.

Failure to  obtain all the facts  cold be a costly exercise.

Case study:A client  wanting to buy  business in a small town. the owners had allowed the  manager to run the business in their absence.  The business  seemed sound  but what was not disclosed  was that the manger   had set up his own  business in competition in the next street  and also    most of the plant  had  security  interest  registered over it.


Be Sure    Be Verisure






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