Truth Matters

Can you afford to invest without due  diligence?

We spend our lives earning and saving   for our retirement and then when we get near someone eyes up our savings for their get rich quick scheme.

New Zealanders are trusting by nature and this trust is frequently abused.

Before you enter into any investment get independent advice from us, we show you how to  check out who you’re dealing with and look at other ventures they may have been involved with in the past.

Investment scams  look innocent   and they all  promise good returns.

If you cannot afford to look before you leap

then you cannot afford the Ambulance at the bottom.

Verisure can help you make your investment decisions wisely.

Case study : Our  clients sought further information with regards to an investment seminar they had attended ;

Verisure’s investigation indicated that indicated that the company would become insolvent. They chose not to invest.  The company is now in Liquidation and the Director a Bankrupt.

Must see: Understanding Investment banking,  it is  in three parts  Part two and part three very funny and probably close to the truth .  but wait there is more .

The documentary   inside job and  Capitalism  a love story

are  great movies to watch an  bring a new perspective  as to how you view  the world today.

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