Truth Matters




“Fraud has to be ferreted out by carefully following its marks and signs, for fraud will in most instances, though ever so artfully and secretly contrived, like the snail in its passage, leave its slime by which it may be traced.”

Tennessee Supreme Court  1835 Floyd v. Goodwin,




The fastest growing business in New Zealand , it is like  a weed it grows best when it  is ignored.

We are very complacent about Fraud in New Zealand  and   only the very top of the iceberg   can be seen.

New Zealand has the lowest level of corruption in the OECD  we pride ourselves  on this  achievement and many believe that  this is what inspires business confidence .Our Government  strives to actively protect our corruption free status  to encourage business growth and  overseas investment.

There are two ways  of protecting the corruption free status

  • By exposing  Corruption and  dealing with  offenders in such a way  that the word  goes  out  to any one contemplating fraud or corruption that  you will be caught and dealt with harshly  or
  • By making it  life difficult for  those  who  seek to question corruption or expose fraud there by sweeping fraud and corruption out of sight and out of mind.

Only By exposing fraud and corruption  can we  stamp it out.

Corruption and Fraud  both  thrive in silence

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