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Fraud is the fastest growing business in New Zealand , it is like  a weed  and grows best when it  is ignored.

Verification is Frauds greatest enemy,- when you verify  fraud is often prevented.

In the past few years Fraud has become  more visible  due largely to the number of persons  who have lost their life’s savings and the size of the frauds.

But any one can be a target  and  the  fraudsters come from all walks of life . looking the part does not  make a person honest , it just means that  they  know how to make a confident impression

No occupation is immune to Fraud – Even the best dressed can be Fraudsters

The guy in the penguin suit may well be using his reputation to attract  your  Trust  to deceived you for  his own benefit .

Business Directors
Government officials
Ministers of parliament
Sporting heroes

You can prevent fraud  simply  by becoming aware of what fraud is and how it happens.

There is nothing new about fraud , its occurred through the ages but technology has placed  fraud  at the tips of  the fingers of more people than ever before

New Zealand has the lowest level of corruption in the OECD  we pride ourselves  on this  achievement and many believe that  this is what inspires business confidence .

Our Government strives to actively protect our corruption free status to encourage business growth and overseas investment.

There are two ways of protecting the corruption free status

  • By exposing  Corruption and  dealing with  offenders in such a way  that the word  goes  out  to anyone contemplating fraud or corruption that  you will be caught and dealt with harshly  or
  • By making  life difficult for  those  who  seek to question corruption or expose fraud there by sweeping fraud and corruption out of sight and out of mind.

Only By exposing fraud and corruption can we stamp it out.

Corruption and Fraud both thrive in silence

KPMG   report regularly on  the impact of fraud  their latest report is down loadable Fraud and Misconduct Survey 2010 [1465 KB]

Remember that these statistics reflect the reported crime , there is still a lot   which is  wither  not identified  as fraud   or lack evidence for conviction .

Fraud can happen anywhere at any time   it knows no boundaries even Who wants to be a millionaire was a victim      see  this and this

Protect yourself    –    Verisure  offers an in depth investigation based screen  for any decision  which you have to make  where by the worst case scenario is that  you  could lose  money.

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