Truth Matters

We  live in a world   which sits between fact and fiction

There are many  who  live  a fiction daily and think that it is the real world.

What is their  fact  may be fiction to every one else   take for example the recent case of a Stephen Wilce

To survive in the real  world you have to deal with fact and weed out the fiction

Nothing is obvious any more and technology has made fiction harder to spot and  has produced copies which are indistinguishable from originals.

The only world to do business in is the real world  once you introduce fiction  you are living with fiction.

We therefore you need to be Verisure to make decisions based on fact before you become a victim of fraud.

There is no  doubt that the world has changed

Until recently  the focus for individuals and businesses  was  on  increasing profits.

In the current climate  the focus  has had to shift and  it is now on protecting the bottom line.

Loss prevention  is the primary factor in remaining solvent.

When loss occurs  it  is either accidental or through misplaced trust in people or systems.

It is therefore essential that before giving away your trust you  ensure that  whoever or whatever you place your trust in is worthy of it .

Whenever you have to make a decision  be certain that you only do so  after  you obtain information from  sources than the person who is selling the idea, concept or whatever to  you.

Verisure verifies the information  you have been supplied  with  and  provides you with an impartial factual basis  from which you can make your decision.

This is particularly important when making decisions with regards to

Employment Tenanting   Credit management  Partnerships

Purchases of homes , vehicles and high value  assets

If the worst case scenario  of your decision can leave you exposed  you need to verify  the  data supplied,  before you make a decision.

Verisure Investigations  will  ensure that  you  make your decision on impartial and verified  data .

Our investigation services  are cost effective in not only time  but in stress and  in potential loss, bad press, stress for you or  your company.

The question  is  can you afford  to trust , the CV , the  credit application, the word of another , or do you need independent verification of the alleged facts?

If the answer is yes contact us  so that we can  show you how to reduce risk in  your business.

  • we verify  only with consent  from the applicant . this   consent should be part of  the  condition of a job offer being made .

Verify Your trust

Be Sure    Be Verisure



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