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Duello_tra_due_marmotteThe disputes tribunal  is part of our justice system and allows for  disputes  of up to $15,000  to be settled. ( or up to  $20,000 if both parties agree)

The process is well set out on the Ministry of Justice web site and covers How to make a claim,


Forms and Guides,

Hearing Process

The legislation which sets up the tribunal is found here

There are also many other sites which give support information  such as Consumers , citizens advice ,

consumer affairs and community Law .

Disputes tribunals operate without lawyers  but that does not mean that you have to go it alone  . The Applicant  faces the respondent , but often this does not mean that it is a level playing  field . Frequently  one party is far more astute  with the workings of the tribunal than the other  and   because of this the  court is misused.

Many insurance matters  end up in Disputes tribunal and  there have been instances where the matter has been  found  totally in favour of the applicant  and  compensation  awarded against the respondent without the respondent  even being aware that  the matter was before the court.

One client found  out only when he was served with enforcement papers  to collect damages of  some $15,000 for an incident he had no knowledge of.

Verisure  was able to  assist the client in stopping the enforcement  while the matter was returned to court.

Never treat a matter going to Disputes tribunal  as minor , make certain that you have all your facts right and that the other person has a valid claim or defence.

Evidence is essential  as is going well prepared. Verisure offers  a unique service  where by we support you whether  you are the  claimant or respondent.  If the matter can be settled outside the disputes tribunal  we will certainly  also assist with this but we will not support you in filing a claim if there are no grounds.

For a 15 minute consultation  to see if we can help please call  us 09 5201815

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