Truth Matters

Knowledge is power

Many statutes now call  for an investigation  to be carried out    yet very few people know  how to  conduct an investigation.

When carrying out an investigation  you have to  gather all the facts  then   by going through an elimination process  arrive at  a conclusion.

Far too often we see companies   make accusations against staff because the HR manager  did not  conduct a proper investigation.

Just because the  fin is showing   it doesn’t meant hat there is a shark .

When an issue arises  it is essential that a proper investigation is conducted as failure  to do so will have their own repercussions.

Just as  Lawyers are left to the  law, HR managers are left to Human resources  Investigations too need to be carried out by  a specialist in the field.

We work at the coal face dealing with real people and real issues.. we have exposed fiction and proved Fact.

Do the investigations phase wrong and you may  find yourself paying out a criminal  Employe  or  having to  compensate an innocent one.

Proper investigations  make economic sense  and  we can be at your side and ensure that  this phase is done legally  economically and efficiently .

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