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Verisure Tenancy

Both land  lords and tenants need to be certain as to who they are dealing with

Land lords are providing the use of a valuable asset to a total stranger , How will that person care for this asset and will they pay the rent?

Tenants  – moving house is not without   costs  is the land  lord going to give you a fair deal? or will you be shifting again  soon?

Found the right tenant, got the references, are you really sure?

At Verisure we have a wealth of landlord tenant experience, which will assist in the screening process of your tenant.

A tenant who does a bunk can leave you with debt, damage and stress, the chances are those who are that way inclined have done it in the past.

The worst offenders appear very innocent and make you feel sure and secure about the decision to take them on as your new tenant.

We  also  track the tenants who have left and assist in the recovery of money owing

Found the right Rental Property? want to check out the landlord?

Due to privacy issues Investigations into  a persons past can only be conducted with  their consent.

Landlords can make it a requirement for the tenant to be screened  to be eligibility for consideration of their property  but if a tenant asks for a screen on the Land lord the landlord ( as can a tenant ) can refuse. This could well mean that you will not be considered for the property.

If you are not  Verisure  can you be sure at all ?

A Verisure check  is economical  it comes with a tenancy agreement that will give you more protection if  good tenants go bad.

If you would like your prospective tenant/landlord checked click here

When you  use Verisure Tenant check you will also have peace of mind that the details that have been provided are sufficient for  locating the tenant  in the unfortunate event  of the relationship  going wrong.

We also include  helpful  advice to ensure that you can over come   some of the  incredible  unbelievable  events which some land lords have suffered.

Important  information for Land lords

Gas and Electricity changes

Lots of things change and  sometimes we are caught out by the changes.

Did you know  that the power and gas to your rental property is now  disconnected between tenants  is the gap is more than 2 weeks  from the  time your last tenant  cancelled the  account.

You can be badly caught out if  your tenant moves out  early and there is a gap between tenants.  It costs nothing to have the account put into your name temporarily, it costs a lot to have it reconnected.



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