Truth Matters

Not all degrees are equal  , not every University is equal  and some “universities”  are not accredited  and are nothing more than diploma mills.

It is therefore essential to ensure that the candidate has been awarded a degree after completing  the prerequisite subjects  that would grant them the  equivalent of   the degree that local applicants  have.

At Verisure  we specialise in degree and transcript verification  and have ,many years of experience in this field.

A degree is only a Google search away  I found the site   and  scrolled through the list of universities  which it offers “novelty diplomas and transcripts” for .

There is only one reason a person would wish to have a fake degree and that is  for  Fraudulent reasons, degrees  get people better jobs  and better pay.  Now   there is the ability for the dishonest to skip many years of study and  go straight for the degree.

There is no such thing as an ” original ‘ document any more  and getting a  JP or some one to certify it as authentic   does not  make the  degree real.

Be aware that the organizations which offer  fake degrees also   offer verification services for the fake degrees.  the only way you can be sure is through Independent investigation

Please consult us if you are about to employ some one  and need to rely on their degree  as not  all degrees are equal or genuine.

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