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The most expensive employee you will ever hire is the one you will have to fire

Companies pay large sums to recruitment agencies for placements but the constraints of the Employment Relations Act 2000and the Privacy Act can limit the type and nature of inquiries conducted by a recruitment agency and as a result we have many documented horror stories.

Between exaggerated CV’s and lack of scrutiny of the past, the door to your work place is wide open. You could be seen as the target for a crime, as easy money by way of pay-outs on termination of the employment contract or you could inherit a historical illness/ injury trend that will render your new employee as good as useless. Invariably an employee’s future performance can be assessed from their past.

Pre-Employment screening is relatively new to New Zealand but  many companies  overseas now insist on screening every new employee to prevent undesirable applicants from  obtaining a position .

Fraud is preventable  but you must take the initiative  to visit the Fraud page  click here On that page you will find some shocking new statistics that show just how prevalent fraud is… can you afford to ignore it?

The Verisure Pre-employment screen is thorough, in depth, affordable, independent of your recruiting process and legally defensible.

This service is not confined to permanent staff as temporary Staff can bring more than temporary problems

Many employers think that  doing a ministry of justice check on a prospective employee is all that is required, little do they realise that  many offenders don’t get to court, others who are dealt with by the police ( eventually)  are in the system for up to  2 years before a conviction shows.. in the mean time you have taken them on as your employee.

What to do about the bad employee in your midst

If you are unfortunate enough to have an undesirable  employee and are uncertain  of what to do  we offer a range of services that  can assist you

Verisure maintains a Database of  people  whose backgrounds employers should be aware of

If you  have had such a person and would like to warn others please forward the details to

Examples of  CV fraud uncovered  by Verisure Investigations Ltd are

An applicant whose referees were  his parents , father using an assumed name and mother using her maiden name. A check from public records would  not have disclosed this  or the missing employer who had very relevant information.

A candidate provided a CV which was wonderfully accurate, it passed the  pre employment screen that the agency used  from public  data bases. However  what it  did not disclose was that  the BA had been completed  in the university of Mt Eden , Yes  the police check would have revealed this but by that stage the employee had been employed  and had done considerable damage.


Sunday May 15, 2011

CV cheats a business risk CV cheats a business risk Employers have been warned to be vigilant after two… More

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