Truth Matters

Background Screening-its all about verification

Many  have no doubt heard the catch  phrase  ” fake it till you make it ”  There are also  many   coaches  who  impress on  others the importance of first impressions . Those  who are wishing to Rip you off will strive to make the best impression   and  faking it is what they specialise in.

With economic times and competition being tougher the  dishonest will go  that  extra bit to  put themselves at  the top of the short list.

We do business in the real world and  before you  enter into  any  kind of relationship  you need to separate fact  from fiction so that you can make your decision  based on reality and not fiction.

Prevention is the most effective method of protecting your work place and like a firewall for your computer you need to screen before they get in the door.

The Verisure screening process is thorough, in depth, affordable, independent of your recruiting process and legally defensible. It is conducted with the knowledge and consent of your prospective employee and is conducted by investigative procedures and does not rely solely on databases.

NOT all back ground checks are equal

Our background checks are done with the consent of the applicant which enables us to  seek information  which is not available in the public realm  . We have been conducting these investigations for some 14 years whihc   keep  us alert to   tricks used by   potential employees such as  the time when we found the  applicants referees  were his parents using   assumed names.


Who should you screen?

In-depth screening can only  be done  by consent , By making a screen  mandatory before  entering into any relationship  you can eliminate surprises  and if  any issues  are revealed you can  at least mitigate them in   the contract.

Screening should be carried out before entering into any contract.

Employment, credit, loan, partnership, business dealings, new management directors, business purchase, contractors etc.


Your lawyer may have drawn up the best and most water tight contract in the world but if the  organisation or person  is not who they say they are, non-existent  or not locatable after they have fled  , then the contract is not worth the paper it is written on.

Those intent on ripping you  off  have many resources available to them you have to be one step ahead of them .

What you need to know about criminal history checks

Many organisations believe that a Police check or a criminal History check gives them protection, but the reality is quite different.

The applicant may be

  • Using a false name, switch first and middle names, misspell their name  to   avoid a positive response from being returned .
  • before the court on serious charges  and has not yet been  convicted.
  • have resolved their  offending  by a private confidential arrangement  whereby the  loss was repaid in exchange for confidentiality
  • subject to the clean slate act

A note about clean slate

The clean slate act has a significant bearing on how in depth the pre-employment screen  should be . This act prevents the disclosure of   offences for individuals who have :

  • no convictions within the last 7 years;
  • never been sentenced to a custodial sentence ( e.g. imprisonment, corrective training, borstal);
  • never been ordered by a Court during a criminal case to be detained in a hospital due to his/her mental condition, instead of being sentenced;
  • not been convicted of a “specified offence” (e.g. sexual offending against children and young people or the mentally impaired)
  • paid in full any fine, reparation or costs ordered by the Court in a criminal case;
  • never been indefinitely disqualified from driving under section 65 Land Transport Act 1998 or earlier equivalent provision.


Because of the variation in applicants and positions we design and structure a package specific to your needs.

The best option is to do our Basic screen and from this we will make recommendations as to further enquiries that will need to be made for full security.


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