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Resolution  is effected in  many ways , the aim is to restore harmony  and  remove stress while ensuring that   justice is observed.

Fifteen years of policing, mostly in South Auckland,  three years as a police prosecutor and 14 years as  an investigator, have provided  a solid base  for resolution options.

The first option for many is to go to the police  but now days  you will find yourself turned away if you have not got sufficient evidence.

This is where you need the  help of a consultant   and  the most preferable type to employ is one  who has had  extensive service in the Police.

At Verisure we see many   who have gone to  lawyers for   a solution only to find themselves steered down the path of   the lawyers  expertise   – court.  This  is  often not the best  way to resolve the issue  as  it can also serve to   financially drain   you .

Lawyers are not your only option and if the police will not take your complaint, we  can help you   either resolve it  or  gather sufficient   evidence and prepare it so that the police can take it on or we will  find  other  appropriate solutions for you .

Our principal and  associates are Former police officers, their knowledge and skills will see that   your matter is resolved economically.

We can help prepare your file for tenancy tribunal or disputes tribunal ensuring that you have the evidence to place you at an advantage.

We help you  obtain and collate  evidence for court  and with that evidence  litigation may  be avoided.

We know who to ask for information, how to go about it  and how to collate it .

We work with you   and  can assist you by being  there as an adviser , helping you step through the issue or taking the issue on for you and preparing it   for the next step.

Whatever the issue is contact us for solutions we can advise  and guide you to an appropriate  trusted  lawyer  who will have your interest at heart.

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