Truth Matters


Time and again we read of fraud occurring and when I look at why it occurred there is a common thread.

TRUST  –  we trust total stranger to tell us the truth  and we trust them to such an extent that we do not verify .

Verification appears to be a lost art , it should be  the no 1 item on any  businesses agenda.. verify verify  verify.

In this news item alone there are three  examples of where verification could have prevented the embarrassment

  • More than 150 international students gained fraudulent qualifications in less than a year from API Institute of Education, which closed last year. Almost half were “ghost” students, who paid for qualifications but never attended classes.
  • Last year Massey University’s Albany campus had to get rid of about 50 students who enrolled in its business degree with fake diplomas from local schools.
  • Kingsland Institute has been barred from taking new students after two senior staff were charged with immigration fraud last July.

Significantly the article states “NZQA has advised the Government that it has found dishonest practices, particularly over the sale of qualifications and falsification of results. “

When accepting degrees   they have to be verified.  I spoke to a  Bangladeshi  lady recently  who advised me that in   countries such as hers it is common for the wealthy to have others sit exams for them.

We cannot claim to be the  least corrupt  county in the world  when we are blind to truth. We have to set up systems which make   people accountable to the truth.

Verisure  will help you set up  a verification system and allow you to train your staff so that  you  can  easily verify   the existence of degrees yourself.

I am not  saying that this is a scam  but  when an unsolicited  offer comes in  to your mail box   together with a free personalized pen its worthy of a closer look

The letter  and envelopes from national pen had me puzzled as to who they are, where they are from, and which Po box they use.

The letter uses PO box 9111 Newmarket   telephone 0800440816 which  is answered by  an  answer phone   with a distinct Irish accent.

The reply  envelope for the  order bears  Po Box 201236 Auckland airport   but the return address on the  original  envelope   has private bag 92901 Onehunga.

The  mail authority is spring global mail Po Box 91958 Victoria street West.

Call me old-fashioned but I am used to dealing with companies which have   just one address,  and are something more than a name. National pen is   not a New Zealand based company and there is no indication of where it is a company or even if it is a company.

This is a great way to trade as you will never be  able to find accountability if something is  wrong with the product or if it starts to glow in the dark   and it’s not meant to.

Richard Grant   who supposedly signed the    letter as  Vice president sales has a sufficiently generic name  which means  that  he , if he exists cannot be identified.

As for the web site   is registered  to  a San Diego address website registered in Melbourne with a Swedish admin address.

If I do want pens  I think I would rather deal with some one local then I would know  who I am dealing with  and if the pens  turn out to have no more than 5 drops of ink in them  then I have some where to  address the fact under the fair trading act.

I f you would  like to know how you can find out who or what your next offer is   from and if it is safe  place contact us at Verisure and  find out when we run our next   finding the facts workshop   .

Every so often there is another story in the paper of how some one has  been ripped off. Today they feature Kurtis Haiu in a story entitled    Accused rugby player trapped in property nightmare.

Had Kurtis Haiu not made the common  mistake of trusting some one who promised greater riches  and had done his  home work  he would have seen warning signs  before things  went bad.

Very few people check out these property dealers .  It’s all in the sales pitch – your future depends on who you choose to believe.

New Zealanders have to learn  to question and do  due diligence  it is far  cheaper than  the fall out from a bad decision. It is far cheaper than trying to resolve things  later on.

It would have cost him Less than $500   to have had some background information  that would have ensured that  he made a sounder decision.

It is still not too late Verisure  can  still provide  him and his fellow  investors with  investigation assistance which  could turn the  tables around  but    like a ball of wool  it always takes longer  to untangle the mess.

Damien Grant’s article in the  herald on Sunday  entitled Trusts industry a costly sham looks at the industry of trusts .

In my work I frequently see the abuse of trust  and confusion which  arises out of misinformation about trusts.

Very few people appear to grasp the  true nature of trusts  and  that the name given to a trusts is merely  a trading name for the group of people  who together are the  trustees .This name however is not the legal name for the trust  .

Only if a trust is incorporated under  legislation   does it have a name of its own  and is capable of sing or being sued under that name.

Unincorporated trusts  are sued  in the names of the trustees e.g. john Smith, Trevor Black and Mary Green as trustees in whateverthename trust.

Trusts are commonly used in a manner akin to identity fraud  so always be sure that you know who you are dealing with and make certain that  you get the name of the trustees and have proof that they  have obligations to the deed.

Undoubtedly the dirtiest words that any one can use  in NZ are the F word and he C word.

In my line of business I use them often    and I have the distinction of having been sued    for  using the words.

I fought back against corruption  and I was punished for it   as it appears that In New Zealand  speaking up   and exposing corruption is not a cool thing to do.

It appears that  in NZ our corruption free status  is but an illusion.  a statistic which we have to  preserve no matter what.

I started my anticorruption blog with this quote  it appears appropriate that I do  this again

Cold hearted orb that rules the night

Removes the colours from our sight

Red is gray and yellow, white

But we decide which is right

And which is an illusion       – moody blues

That first post  back in 2009   was Facing reality

we have  moved  a bit since there  but we still have a long way to go.