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patent and trademark organisation LLC Received an offer today from an American Company ” Patent and Trademark Organisation LLC ” offering to  update a trade mark which is  due to  expire next year  . They charge a mere  $1290  for the privilege   of re registering  the  trade mark which  if you renew  directly through the  Intellectual property office  would cost you  $402.50.

The letter that I received had terms and condition written on the back,  I initially thought the back  was grey but on closer examination words can just be made out, no doubt despite their visibility they would be binding and I would probably find that they are enforcible only through American courts.

There was no address on the actual letter but the PO Box number which was given was Patent and Trademark Organisation,  PO Box 2331 Shortland Street Auckland  1140.

IPONZ has a  warning on their web site IP scams and unsolicited emails

I note that  the Australian IP office also has it listed on its  warning page   .

Before paying a fee for any IP-related service, we recommend that you carefully consider what, if any, protection, promotion or other value the service will provide.

If you wish to  use a lawyer for   filing and maintaining    your  intellectual property  then we can recommend  a New Zealand Law firm  which  can act for you .

Further warnings have been given by the World Intellectual property Organization  who provide a list of  examples of   such unsolicited  letters.


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