Truth Matters

World psychic institute has just published an advertisement in the   best buys magazine   this is a copy of the world psychic advertisment .

When you look at the ad  and think about what it is asking from you   it  is rally  harvesting private information.   You need three things to steal some ones identity.  Their name, their date of birth and their address.     Bingo this    little coupon   successfully takes all three.  Then on top of it  takes your place of birth,  and your email. -Why not save them the trouble and send them  your passwords as well  and  the bank account log ins.  they are after all more  than half way there.

I just wonder how many people who guard their privacy  have   filled in this form and sent it  away because they won the prize. ?

I note that one astute person put up a post   to say that  the World psychic institute  couldn’t  add,  but then this person didn’t really get it either ,this is because that person had probably  had their birthday this year.. If you have had your birthday then your birth year and your age will add to 113   if your birthday is yet to come your age plus your year of birth will add to 112.

Those who have filled in the coupon and sent it away will find  that their  dreams  will not come true  but vivid and very real  nightmares will commence.

Look up World psychic institute and you will find that it does not exist.

Look up  P.O.BOX 201057  and it shows that  “THE RED BLANKET LIMITED “  company which has been struck off in 2006, used to use this  p o Box address. This company folded  several years ago and it is more than likely that someone  else has picked up the  box number  and is using it for  this  scam .

So I really hope that if you are contemplating sending something off   that you first do a Google and find this article, it will give you food for thought. Ignore this warning at your own risk.

If you really do want a numerological reading   I can recommend Peter Vaughan I know  that he exists, I know that your information will not be used for anything else  but for  the purpose of providing a reading  and above all I know where he lives. See also his upcoming meet up  .

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