Truth Matters

Economics play a part in   what is happening  in our lives today     and too often we  decide on the course of action    based on $$$ .

When faced with  an unjustified payment of  $230 because your car  is towed    the decision you have to make is  how much will it cost me to  fight it, if you employ a lawyer  the very  first hour will see  you shy of more than the  payment  is worth and   there is no way that a lawyer will resolve the issue for less than  $230.  therefore  it is uneconomic  to dispute it  and that is  how many fines are   enforced.. strictly through scale of economy ..  and nothing to do with justification and fairness.

Today there is an article in  the herald   which  gives the story of One man  who  challenged   his  fees and one    Car-parker takes on towies and wins.

Significantly the man was   a lawyer and knew what to do …..far too often  it is   the fact that people are not sure of their rights and the possibilities which exist for them  which limits their ability to fight back.

I have long maintained that if you don’t know your rights  you don’t have any  .

Just as economy plays a part in  your decision to pay an unjustified  sum  , the other party will also have to decide if  Economy plays a part  in   the legal challenge that you put up to them.

You do not have to be a lawyer   to  take on challenges such as this, you simply need to be aware of the availability of the disputes tribunal   or what ever relevant tribunal for your matter.

It is time that we all stood up  to  bullies  who enforce  their own  private little rules  , if we  make it difficult for them and uneconomic  then we will see a shift   to actions which are fair and reasonable.

Start by doing a Google search sites such as the neighbourhood support sites have useful information and provide downloads such as this one Download this fact sheet as a PDF (191 kB) Illegal parking and car towing

The consumer web site also has an interesting article    and they also   suggest challenging excessive fees  in the disputes tribunal.

If you  need a  hand  in protecting your rights  , give us a call,  we  can help you put the evidence together   and point you in the right direction for an economical solution .

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