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I recently moved all my telephone services from Telstra Clear, it wasn’t the telephone services which gave me concern  but rather that they kept on losing my payments .  I then had to spend time talking to someone in the Philippines  to  attempt  to sort the issue out  which resulted in   wasting much of   my time  but not in finding the payment .

By the  time  I shifted to another  provider  the account  still wasn’t sorted out and I simply refused to pay a further cent until they located the missing payments and a comprehensive  statement of accounts had been sent to me showing payments and invoices.

Finally they did a reconciliation and   I settled the bill  .

This week  I received a call from someone who claimed to be a  debt  recovery company.

My reply was simple  I told them that  I did not have to tell them anything   and if they did work for Telstra to check the facts with them.

Four days later I receive a letter  from credit consultants debt services -this is where things get really interesting.

Look up I have tried for 2 days now  and I  continually get the response “The connection has timed out”

Look up Credit Consultants Debt Services in the companies office and You will find that it was struck off in February this year. Therefore there is no such entity as Credit Consultants Debt Services.

Further the given  0800 number 0800500628  responds  with a message asking for you  to leave   your details – very convenient and all the  hall marks of a scam.  All the other phone numbers on the letter also have the same message.

Credit consultant’s debt services have absolutely no legal standing they cannot make any demands off you or seek any information from you.

If they phone you   hang up if they write to you throw it out.

There is no proof at all that they have any authority to collect money for and on behalf of any one   and   then there is the slight technicality that they don’t   legally exist.

If you have a letter demanding money   consult with us   and we   will advise you  if it  is fact or fiction  and how you should deal with  it.

Please note  not all demands are scams    .. never pay any one  except the person to  whom you contracted and keep a record of  your payment  receipts.

I have  received   communication from a Mr Foster  his  email and   my response are  on


One Response to Credit Consultants Debt Services scam

  • Some years ago we exposed Credit Consultants to FAIR GO. They were tightly linked with a PRO FORMA advertising scam that purported to be selling advertising in Health and Safety or Fire Safety Magazines. If you were stupid enough (and we were) to confirm and pay for one piece of advertising, you soon found yourself getting bills for all sorts of advertising in similar sounding magazines. Confirmations were obviously cut and pasted when you asked for proof of order. This followed by collection letters and verbal threats from Credit Conultants reps.

    After ringing around other advertisers in this small limited publication which they supplied us a copy of, I found other advertisers had the same experience. I followed this up with advice from the commerce commission and eventually recorded a threatening conversation which I took to Fair Go. We ignored all further contact from them including a lodgement they made with Baycorp. Once we explained that this was a proforma advertising scam, we had no further problems.

    Currently however there seems to be some problems with young folks getting Green postcards in family letterboxes asking for whereabouts. This in relation to parking fines. My advice if you have fines is deal directly with Council or Justice Department and do not pay anything through these idiots. I think Councils need to start looking at who they are dealing with, as parking issues seem to be a pot of Gold for these guys.

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