Truth Matters

There are a huge number of trusts societies   and groups which  receive funding from the government.   It is an industry  which is the target for fraud .

It therefore is some relief that I read that Former iwi social services boss found guilty of fraud.  Could this be the start of making   those receiving  grants accountable  ?

I have assisted several charities   at the request of the  honest members to help sort out the    flow of  finds into private coffers. The  problem they face is that   whoever  is providing he  funds  does not  take kindly to having a private Investigator involved  because in the end  they fear that they will be in the firing line for not  ensuring accountability. And so the frauds continue

To give an example of what I have seen  was

  1. A lady receiving  wages of 60,000 per year  and driving a $40,000 vehicle  she ran the  incorporated society and   fired the  executive   when they   came to close to the  mark and took on  new people  who did not have the faintest idea  or were in on the deal.
    1. The at risk  kids   were  the  Kapahaka group   most of whom weren’t at risk but served as bodies and names for her registers.. but since confidentiality is such an issue  this is easily done.
  2. A society which  receives health funding being plundered by lawyers  who  see the funds in winding the society up as  their nest egg.  The  funding in this organisation has  now been  stopped  but there is no doubt about it that the former executive ran it in a most corrupt manner  only to be removed by the court  and have the current   leadership continue in a similar vein.

It appears that any trust or society  which has money Is an easy target of the unscrupulous, those who question  the wrong doings  are  attacked and silenced, they leave in disgust.

A   lot more could be done   but somehow the government is not big on prevention.

If you are  being  removed from a trust or society   which you have a passion for and can’t believe what is occurring.. give us a call we  can    give you suggestions.

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