Truth Matters

A client of mine received a lawyers letter the other day , in the letter  there were claims that if he did not do   what they wanted him to do with in a few days  then he would be guilty of a criminal offence which  carried a term of imprisonment .

Needless to say my client was more than a bit gobsmacked and  was fear stricken . That is exactly what the letter intended but instead of panicking and complying with the false demands, my client phoned me.

What many forget is that Lawyers have no special legal powers, they do however have a great gift of the gab  and the  ability to spin  and contort words.  After reading  the letter I stamped it with my special stamp ..

So a reply was called for   and we penned a short and sweet reply  and within 24  hours the  whole matter was  history   .

It is simply amazing  what quoting the law to a lawyer can do.

Lawyer’s letters need to be addressed properly   and  VeriSure we can help eradicate bullshit with facts and provide a reality check  for  lawyers that you are not a  push over.

VeriSure  are not lawyers and have no intent in prolonging your  agony   We want to see people’s rights preserved quickly and efficiently to make the stress go away.

Lawyers letters  are  generally 98% bluff  or 100% accurate    when there is a case you need to  deal with it  when   its bull shit the lawyer needs to  be reminded of their legal obligations .

If you have received a lawyers letter ..  give us a call for a  cost effective solution .

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