Truth Matters

Time and again we read of fraud occurring and when I look at why it occurred there is a common thread.

TRUST  –  we trust total stranger to tell us the truth  and we trust them to such an extent that we do not verify .

Verification appears to be a lost art , it should be  the no 1 item on any  businesses agenda.. verify verify  verify.

In this news item alone there are three  examples of where verification could have prevented the embarrassment

  • More than 150 international students gained fraudulent qualifications in less than a year from API Institute of Education, which closed last year. Almost half were “ghost” students, who paid for qualifications but never attended classes.
  • Last year Massey University’s Albany campus had to get rid of about 50 students who enrolled in its business degree with fake diplomas from local schools.
  • Kingsland Institute has been barred from taking new students after two senior staff were charged with immigration fraud last July.

Significantly the article states “NZQA has advised the Government that it has found dishonest practices, particularly over the sale of qualifications and falsification of results. “

When accepting degrees   they have to be verified.  I spoke to a  Bangladeshi  lady recently  who advised me that in   countries such as hers it is common for the wealthy to have others sit exams for them.

We cannot claim to be the  least corrupt  county in the world  when we are blind to truth. We have to set up systems which make   people accountable to the truth.

Verisure  will help you set up  a verification system and allow you to train your staff so that  you  can  easily verify   the existence of degrees yourself.

One Response to Fraud facilitated by lack of verification

  • It doesn’t surprise me. I have seen so many fraudulent Nurses here in Australia too.. They have no idea what they are doing but they seem to get by…

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