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I am not  saying that this is a scam  but  when an unsolicited  offer comes in  to your mail box   together with a free personalized pen its worthy of a closer look

The letter  and envelopes from national pen had me puzzled as to who they are, where they are from, and which Po box they use.

The letter uses PO box 9111 Newmarket   telephone 0800440816 which  is answered by  an  answer phone   with a distinct Irish accent.

The reply  envelope for the  order bears  Po Box 201236 Auckland airport   but the return address on the  original  envelope   has private bag 92901 Onehunga.

The  mail authority is spring global mail Po Box 91958 Victoria street West.

Call me old-fashioned but I am used to dealing with companies which have   just one address,  and are something more than a name. National pen is   not a New Zealand based company and there is no indication of where it is a company or even if it is a company.

This is a great way to trade as you will never be  able to find accountability if something is  wrong with the product or if it starts to glow in the dark   and it’s not meant to.

Richard Grant   who supposedly signed the    letter as  Vice president sales has a sufficiently generic name  which means  that  he , if he exists cannot be identified.

As for the web site   is registered  to  a San Diego address website registered in Melbourne with a Swedish admin address.

If I do want pens  I think I would rather deal with some one local then I would know  who I am dealing with  and if the pens  turn out to have no more than 5 drops of ink in them  then I have some where to  address the fact under the fair trading act.

I f you would  like to know how you can find out who or what your next offer is   from and if it is safe  place contact us at Verisure and  find out when we run our next   finding the facts workshop   .

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  • Believe it or not but today I received a pen from this company and all the details were as described in here. So many different addresses and phone numbers. Thanks for the free pen guys!

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