Truth Matters

Every so often there is another story in the paper of how some one has  been ripped off. Today they feature Kurtis Haiu in a story entitled    Accused rugby player trapped in property nightmare.

Had Kurtis Haiu not made the common  mistake of trusting some one who promised greater riches  and had done his  home work  he would have seen warning signs  before things  went bad.

Very few people check out these property dealers .  It’s all in the sales pitch – your future depends on who you choose to believe.

New Zealanders have to learn  to question and do  due diligence  it is far  cheaper than  the fall out from a bad decision. It is far cheaper than trying to resolve things  later on.

It would have cost him Less than $500   to have had some background information  that would have ensured that  he made a sounder decision.

It is still not too late Verisure  can  still provide  him and his fellow  investors with  investigation assistance which  could turn the  tables around  but    like a ball of wool  it always takes longer  to untangle the mess.

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