Truth Matters

New Zealand along with Denmark , is according to Transparency International ( NZ )  is   top of the  Corruption Perceptions Index

Perception is a funny beast   and   depending on where you  are standing  depends on what you see .  Even when a picture is  apparently obvious  the mind  and or you belief system  may get  in the way of rationalising  your perspective , it could well be that the mind is telling you  that  what you see simply could not  be true , this is where experience  comes in .

Experience  will allow you to examine the perception from every angle  and using the evidence  come to a conclusion  as to what the reality is  .  Those with self interest will always sell you   their perspective and persuade you   to see only what they want you to see .

Verisure Investigations were once Private Investigators , we intruded into the realm of corruption  and  the court, determined to prevent us from  proving the corruption which exists , has now taken  my licence away:-   so  diversification is  the name of the game.

We are now the country’s  very first Public Investigator.   we consult and assist  but will not make investigations on your behalf instead   providing you with support  systems which  will enable you to step through your own investigative process.

We will provide litigation support   to  ensure that  the right evidence is being produced  and to keep tabs on  the legal process.  we are experienced in both criminal  and civil  law at  all stages .

Bull shit plays a very  large part in our court process and  lawyers  have been known to  use  any one of a multitude of dirty tricks , our experience has taught us many of these  and we can  be at your  side to ensure that these risks are mitigated .

Additionally we  are Investigative Journalists   contributing to a variety of web sites  dealing with issues of Fraud and Corruption in New Zealand .

We would  like to hear from you   we will  investigate and  publish our findings  providing you with truth and honest opinions  based on  our many years of experience .





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