The future is determined by what you choose to believe.

When you make a decision do  you  make it based on fact or fiction ?

When the decision is an important one  how crucial is  it that you  have a sound basis for  decision making  and how do you  know what  is fact and what is fiction.

Fraud happens all the time in this  the  so called least corrupt country int the world.

We simply font talk about it, It in fact try to report it to the police  and you will find  that you are wasting your time  as most  fraud reports are not  investigated, it simply is not  one of those things that the police have time, resources or funding for. 

There is A solution – You need to be pro active  and  identify who or what you are dealing with  BEFORE you enter into  the  relationship.

The relationship can be

  • A new Business partner, director or shareholder
  • New employee
  • A credit client
  • appointing an accountant or  lawyer
  • A contractor / subcontractor  or associate
  • A purchaser .

Verisure aims to  provide you with  verified information so that you can make the right decision.

You only have one chance to  to prevent a bad business relationship and that is before  you enter into  it.- Your integrity  and that of  your business depends on it.

Never before  has the need  to verify  information been  so great.

We are Licensed Private Investigators  providing  Verification   Investigation  and resolution services .

Our four core  areas of business are  Prevention Detection , Resolution and Education

We don’t claim to ” be the best “,” the one and  only”  we just  aim to  verify the information you have so as to  provide you with peace of mind and solutions  and without ripping you off.

We are about ethics and service .

We strongly recommend that  you use our prevention  service ..   Rule no 1  NEVER ASSUME .

For those who have been stung by an untoward event and need resolution we will  work with you  to ensure that the right decisions are made.

We can conduct the  full investigation or  if   economics  are a factor   we can provide a service which  is cost effective and  works towards achieving the goal.

Verisure is owned and operated By a former Police Prosecuting Sergeant  with 15 years police experience  and has been a licensed Private investigator  since 2003.She has  worked at the for front of Fraud and corruption in New Zealand .

Our experience in  policing , technology and legal fields  provides a  unique approach to  Investigation and ensures that a cost effective timely  and appropriate resolution is found for your  issue.

Contact us if you would  like to know how we can help you give us a call for a free 15 minute  consultation.


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